Gauri Shankar Temple



Gauri Shankar is a Hindu temple in Old Delhi. The temple is dedicated to Shiva and houses almost 800 years lingam brown, which is a stone phallus. Lingam surrounded by snakes and represents the cosmic center pillar of the universe, life itself." Bejeweled, then the statues of Gauri (Goddess Parvati) and Shankar (Shiva), standing under a canopy of money inside the main temple. Together, these idols, the idols of their son, Ganesh (the elephant-headed god) and Kartik (God of War). Gaurishankar Mandir in Delhi is one of the most prestigious temples of Shaivism (a sect of Hinduism that worships Shiva) in India. flight of marble steps, ornate pillars carved with chains and bells, performed in the temple courtyard. Gauri Shankar Temple offer include Delhi (wood apple) bilva, concerns, Chandan (sandalwood paste), red rice powder, and the son of cotton.

 The highlight of the temple is a marble chair brahmachari Swaroup Bhagat. He was a Hindu saint, who spent more than 50 years in the temple. Many legends are associated with the temple. The first is that Apa Ganga Dhar was a soldier, a Maratha Hindu devotee of Lord Shiva. One day, he was seriously wounded in a battle where the odds of survival are very low. He prayed to the Lord and promised that if he survives, will build a temple dedicated to Lord. To everyone's surprise, he survived and built the temple, now known as Gauri Shankar Temple. Another legend is that one day, ordered the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, the temple bells would be arrested. Since that day, three days, he continued to hear the bells ringing in the ears.

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