Meena Bazar


meena bazaar


Situated between Jama Masjid Kalan and Dari is the old market of Meena Bazaar in Delhi. Just below the stairs of the Jama Masjid mosque site is bieatiful the mass market. Jama Masjid Khari Baoli, the Qabar Chitli to Balli Maran, Delhi evokes a medieval charm and elegance. The bazaar was built in the1970's. The area consists of a multitude of shops on both sides of PAANS sale, burka (veil worn by Muslim women), caps and photos of famous places of Islamic worship. elements Muslim men exotic embroidered hats, cosmetics, local photos and posters of sacred sites is available Meena Bazar. To whet the appetite and the food india vegetarian food stalls and small that dot the region. Many shops and selling pillows, mattresses and blankets around the Meena Bazaar is a shopper's paradise. Nearby is a sales cycle of a range of bikes and exotic pieces. Buyers should visit Meena Bazar in New Delhi with a healthy shopping experience.

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