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National Zoological Park, Delhi Zoo is one of the best zoos in Asia and is close to Purana Qila or Old Fort. It covers an area of 214 hectares and was established in 1959. Its purpose is to provide a natural habitat to more than 2000 species of animals and birds that were brought here in various parts of India, as in other continents such as Africa, America, the Australia etc. Delhi Zoo proves to be a picnic in the idyllic winters. Serenity and greenery here seem very nice and offers a wonderful respite from the monotony of the city. Winding streets leading to the administrative building where the law library where you can get all the details of animals, birds, plants and rare animal species in India.

 Visitors, especially children, love to see the chimpanzees, hippos, monkeys, spiders, African Wild Buffalo, Gir Lion and Zebras, animals and water birds such as Macaque, Banteng, Emu, Hyenas , Axis deer, peacocks, pigs, deer and jaguar. The poster underground Reptile Home complex a variety of snakes like King Cobra and Pythons. In addition, there are over 200 varieties of trees here, including the hanging deep yellow Alamtas Hedges, trees and drought-resistant native Lahure Bistendu Delhi. Delhi zoo also has an early 17th century Kos Minar, which was built by Jehangir, son of Emperor Akbar. You can admire the vast zoo as we climb the red sandstone gate.

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